Aha the smile on your face when the word ‘WhatsApp’ comes along! Sigh! I wish I were speaking of some quaint conversation, but no, here I am trying to convince you how this quintessential tool can be used for your business. That’s right – a chat tool that can yield your business some benefits.

Instead of telling about your customers, let’s talk about you first. See, if you are expertly covered in all marketing areas, then it is shown in your product and thereby portrays your efficiency! So, the first important point…

  • Team Building – Good news is that you don’t have to spend hours or a thousand bucks an hour sessions, in getting a team to be motivated. This chat tool comes in handy to create groups, internal communications can be geared, dialogues can be initiated to understand concerns, talk to them one on one on their issues or motivating them to move ahead as a team, in short ‘Communicating the essentials’ becomes easy. Apart from knowing who is concentrating, you can tackle things head on. What’s more, audio and video recordings put forth your thoughts perfectly in tandem with the chats! - Reasonable and effective.
  • Simple Advertising – Creating short and powerful messages that can be easily circulated among your own circle of friends, employees, colleagues etc.,that in turn does rounds in each of their own circles. This not only builds a trust worthy campaign but enables you to direct and divert at your command.
  • Build Advertising – New businesses can simply put up a number to ‘WhatsApp’ wherein you collect database of contacting customers, plus you get to know their enquiries in detail and hey, you save time in showing them around a complex full of goods. A simple click and send, with variants, options and price sheets – all just accomplished by sitting in the comfort of your store/office/home even! Doesn’t this help you get better and do better at your business? I think so!
  • Service Providing – Continuing with what I’ve been saying about the relation with your customers - you can get creative in the way you attract, mesmerize and retain your customers. If you are one of those who have received ‘In case of emergency during *natural calamity* please check the following” type of messages, you know what I am talking about. Don’t worry, this isn’t limited to disaster reliefs but can extend beautifully into various other things – like food/catering service, local doctors helpline, helping a friend set up ‘homemade stuff’ business, your local grocery store or florists and the likes.
    Why is it different from mail you ask? Well, personally I prefer reading a short 160-worded text than a page full of info (for which I’ve to access my mail account too), I guess there are more like me than less who prefer this.
  • Customer Engagement – Now that you know what you can do to attract, how do you keep your customers hooked? Again, use the same tool to slowly build your loyalty among your audience. Personalized messages, exclusive offers, a slice of fresh (be it news, flowers, real estate... you name it!), customized product options – tell them they are special, that they are loved, that you are there to help them – basically sound like their best friend and Righto! They will sing and how!!!Psst! You know what, apart from the above; there are more simple advantages of being a business person on WhatsApp.
    • It is a crucial documental evidence of every conversation you have. Email the chat and there it is for your use – go back, check on errors, see what can be rectified, or what compliments are therein to motivate you...
    • It is an effective survey tool. Don’t believe me? Try GD’s or taking direct feedback from customers – You just saved on an enormous bill on conducting the survey! (Yes you can send me a hug!!!)Still cannot believe all this? Try it yourself and then tell me the effects. I am right here waiting to listen from you.

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