LinkedIn – what began as a business and employment exchange forum, has now gained momentum in the business engaging and solution providing industry. Acting mainly as a bridge between the seeker and the provider (read jobs / employments, interactive association across fields and network building), one may find this platform to be an active marketing and sustaining tool.

So how does LinkedIn engage your audience and prove to be an effective medium for your B2B essentials?

To begin with, the base of this excellent networking platform is that there is already a ready platter of qualified, experienced (some not so but relevant still), enthusiastic and ambitious set of people. Apart from marking their positions and relevance in the specified industry, it recommends partners to connect with, to enhance your network. (Read my earlier blog on why LinkedIn is THE platform for networking).

You may ask here why would you want to grow your business network while you are mainly looking for potential consumers. Well, LinkedIn is a network of ‘people’ who recommend you to others and thus grow your network and increase your presence in the platform. More the people, more the eye-balls and more the reach!

The first and foremost step in making LinkedIn a B2B option is to attract new customers, by trying to capture the attention of the connection by showing you can offer some value about a theme related to the industry you are in. I am sure you know how to set up a LinkedIn profile for your business (No? Check my earlier blog) just ensure that your target is clearly defined. Enhancing your profiles according to the newest templates, gaining an all-star rating – all help in setting your business on the road to success, if tapped in the right way. You may want to still conduct your own survey on the recommendations given by LinkedIn, after all, being cautious is better than being sorry.

According to statistics (you may want to check the latest on LinkedIn itself! Link below for those interested to read) it is known that most persons / business entities are on LinkedIn to gain engagement with potential buyers / sellers or to connect and increase their network. While it already is a means for one to grow network, it can easily be turned to arm you with powerful ammunition in selling your ideas and garnering potential customers.

Let us say that LinkedIn is now becoming the most effective, popular and sought after social media platform for businesses to be present in.

Well, is your business on LinkedIn and ready to expand its network? Let us know!

Also, we would like to know if LinkedIn in particular has helped your business story – will you write to us? 

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