How many of you often think someone has mimicked your 'unique' idea into their own, costing you your visibility? If you nodded your head, raised your hand or thought 'oh heck yeah', then it's time to fasten your seat-belt literally (read: safeguarding your ideas).

While we say social marketing is meant to be public, it does not mean to be there for open imitation. Though imitation is the best form flattery, no my friend it doesn't work well here. While the idea is to present your 'product' to the public eye, one does not want their 'original and unique thought' behind the portrayal to be hijacked by a less competent competitor.

Since the idea is already processed into something tangible visually, what is it that you can do to safe-guard the uniqueness and more importantly garner the attention of potential consumers?

Be ready to tick off some simple checklist which at least ensures initial round of safety. Here you go -

1. Patent/Trademark/Copyright - if you are authentic then there is little chance someone will act under your brand name to steal clients. Whatever your product is, ensure it is patented or copyrighted to minimize misuse and also, legally to be on the right track. (Ever heard of IP? No? Now that's for another day)

2. Checking if your idea is indeed unique - don't get us wrong, but most of the ideas the human mind generates has been conceptually conceived by few fellow humans. But how many of those minds have turned these ideas into reality and more importantly how does the final product look is what you need to check. You don't want run into copyright issues now, would you?

3. Speed - hit the peddle, accelerate and turn the right corners so as to avoid any glitches until you've processed, produced and solidified your idea into reality.

4. Secure Domains - put your spy glasses on, to check for domains with high-value security to ensure there isn't any plagiarism ensuring your idea. (There are plenty which promise this but only a few trusted ones actually conform to it).

5. Investment - no safety comes free and your product too has to pay a price to keep up its visibility and attention. Price means usually an additional safety catch that ensures only the targeted audience will see your product, thereby reducing potential competition.

6. Interactive - while your idea is talking to your customers via the media, it is important that you are constantly in the check to respond to views, queries and feedback. Simple trick as we don't think imitators can talk and walk the product like the way you do, therefore easily bringing you back your lost customers.

While these are super simple steps to ensure some safety for your idea, let's also be aware that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more that can happen (hacked accounts, stealing of brand names and low quality product tools) but being on guard is always recommended.

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