Say cheese! Click click click – wow you look b-e-a-utiful!!! Upload upload! And the wait begins – the browser shows ‘1 hr to upload’! Has this happened often to you? Chances are that the picture that you so lovingly want to upload doesn’t meet the standards (yes, standard) of the social media site.

Wait, don’t brush this topic off – this applies to even your business pages/profiles on these sites!!! Don’t worry, I’ve made your life easy by putting together a chart for each social media image sizes requirement – simply check this and change the resolution of your picture and bingo! Picture uploading was never so easy!!!

So, ready? The 8 popular social media sites image guide at your finger-tips.

Some info before you set off - Most of the sites allow JPEG (formatted picture), PNG (raw pictures – careful with this, as they are naturally ‘heavy’) and GIF (lightly animated pictures –mind you these are heavy too) unless otherwise specified. But for businesses I strictly recommend to go with Jpeg files. All numbers mentioned are in pixels (px for shorts).

Height by Width! The Total Image Guide To The 'Social' Business!_UpdatedByJAT2018

Height by Width! The Total Image Guide To The 'Social' Business! Updated Sizes and Channels by Just A Thought (India) as on April 2018. JAT-'o'-Graphic!

There you are! If you find there are changes in the above numbers mentioned here (yes, these sites keep changing them to keep up with privacy and the likes) don’t forget to update me! And yes, you can send in a kind word to me for doing all the hard work of gathering this data! 🙂

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