How often have you picked up your tools to write a blog but not managed to write a single sentence that made sense? Some call it the Writers Block, but here I am referring to that which is already in your head as words and lines but is looking for an ‘awakening’. Just a small push and pronto! It flows out like magic.

With a gazillion people penning down blogs on a range of topics, how do you choose yours, make it niche and noticeable? I agree it's not easy, but come on its not as complicated.

Mind you, I'm not a pro-blogger but yet have been writing on a myriad of topics for a long time. Maybe I can tempt you to take a quick glance through my pointers; it could get you inspired for your next one.

First, identify what kind of blogger you are - do you write the way you talk? Are you a traditionalist (all grammar and tense perfect) or a colorful writer where the blog is filled with beautiful euphemisms and the works? or a fact writer? This is important as it helps you with the immediate next step...

...Identifying your audience, more specifically 'target'. This will narrow down on what you write based on who you want to reach out to. This will also determine if you want to blog on an informative / FAQs kind or talk about pros and cons of a / your product or review something similar in the market or touch upon a new insight.

I'm sure you would've done these already but it’s always better to be done with. NOW is the difficult part or should I say easy?

Gazing at the yonder you ache to pen a few poetic lines and then it strikes you - that's not my genre!!! Well! for a start that scene before you, is your very inspiration - who said you cannot start a technical blog with poetic lines? Nah! The writer in you will connect the 'poem' to whatever you are writing on, so wipe that gloom off your face; finding the next topic isn't a Herculean task.

If digging deep into your head hasn’t worked so far, then you may want to try few other 'textbook' methods:

• Browsing through your favorite online sites - Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc; sure something inspirational in any of these will trigger your 'write buds'

• Try Google. No, seriously! The search engine churns out a plethora of topics just when you type 'blog'. There is something for every blogger to choose from right there

• Or choose to browse other blogging sites (Buzzfeed, Hubspot, Impact, Buzzsumo, the list is endless)

• Or try the steal method. Yes me dears, you heard me right. Stealing is ok but copying isn't - don't get the two mixed up. List down your favorite blogs or blog authors and/or their topics and choose something that you'd like to write differently! As simple as that! No offence to anyone – come on’ you just stole the idea to write not the writing itself

• Lastly, whatever you are writing, keep in mind the relevance. If you choose to write something outside your typical genre its okay but ensure you tell your readers the relevance of it and why you chose to pen it. Trust me, just this will gain you that much more readers, Ta Da! A bonus..

So that's it. Here are my two cents on picking up a topic for your next blog. Let me know if this helped you. Do share your insights I’d love to hear how you went about choosing your hot topic.

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  1. Hello, yes this piece of writing is truly fastidious and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging. thanks.
    • Hi, Thanks a ton! Do leave your comments on the other topics as well 😊